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For the first time, ho chi minh city has a specialized unit for treating chronic, non-healing wounds

For the first time, ho chi minh city has a specialized unit for treating chronic, non-healing wounds


Bernard Healthcare has announced the establishment of the specialized treatment unit (Bernard Wound Care), focusing on chronic wound care, particularly particularly diabetic foot ulcers, burns, and scars.

The three-year journey pursuing humanitarian goals

Dr. Phan Duy Kien - Vascular Surgeon - shared at the launch ceremony: "The first wound care patient treated at the Bernard Clinic was in March 2021, just before the outbreak of Covid-19. Throughout the pandemic, Bernard doctors have made efforts to save limbs, and sometimes lives, of patients with severe and complicated infected wounds related to diabetes, either not diagnosed early or with interrupted treatment due to the pandemic."

Bernard Wound Care at 22 Phan Dinh Giot, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Since then, the number of wound care patients seeking examination or being referred to Bernard has increased steadily, with over a thousand consultations and treatments, where diabetic foot ulcers account for more than 50%. Other common chronic wounds include venous ulcers, arterial ulcers, pressure ulcers, burns, and scars. This led Bernard to invest in a specialized outpatient wound care unit at 22 Phan Dinh Giot, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City.

In hospitals, when a department develops to a certain extent, it often needs to separate into specialized units to meet practical needs. Establishing a specialized wound care unit becomes essential when the field of wound care expands and requires more in-depth attention. This is a common practice in healthcare where the hospital model includes Center/Department, or Unit/Subspecialty. - Dr. Phan Duy

Mrs. Nguyen Nam Phuong, CEO of Bernard Healthcare, shared: "The medical field is challenging, and wound care is even more demanding. From the perspective of private healthcare, if we think about business and profits, Bernard would not typically invest in wound care. Most wound care patients face difficult circumstances while pursuing a treatment that can extend over many months, incurring high costs."

CEO of Bernard Healthcare - Nguyen Nam Phuong delivered a speech

The reason Bernard opened a wound care specialty, according to Ms. Nam Phuong, is primarily due to Bernard's privilege of working alongside Dr. Tran Doan Dao - who, for over four decades, has healed thousands of wound care patients. Additionally, Bernard is fortunate to have the support of a new generation of talented young doctors to continue Dr. Dao's legacy in developing the wound care field in Vietnam. "From this perspective, Bernard recognizes its responsibility and mission to invest in the best infrastructure and technology, extending its reach with doctors to assist wound care patients, ensuring they no longer struggle and suffer the regrettable consequences. The more we involve ourselves, witnessing the extreme physical pain, mental exhaustion that suddenly turns into emotional ecstasy as one is reborn in a healthy body; the more empathetic and determined we become." Mrs. Nam Phuong shared.

Chronic wounds – The silent epidemics

Dr. Tran Doan Dao, Chairman of the Medical Advisory Council of Bernard Healthcare and former Head of the Burns and Plastic Surgery Department at Cho Ray Hospital, shared: "Wounds appear in almost every medical specialty; no specialty is an exception. A wound that is not cared for, treated correctly, and promptly can lead to chronic non-healing wounds, with the risk of infection, necrosis causing pain, and the consequence of amputation or limb section."

Dr. Tran Doan Dao – Chairman of the Medical Advisory Council of Bernard Healthcare – Former Head of the Burns and Plastic Surgery Department at Cho Ray Hospital – who has dedicated over 40 years diligently caring for and treating patients with wounds and burns.

In essence, chronic non-healing wounds are wounds that do not heal within 4-8 weeks. Any wound can become chronic, especially in patients with underlying conditions such as diabetes, chronic venous insufficiency, or heart failure. Currently, globally, chronic non-healing wounds are considered a "silent epidemic." In Vietnam, there is a significant demand for wound care and treatment, but wound care specialization is a relatively new field.

The establishment of the specialized wound treatment unit Bernard Wound Care is of great significance, contributing to "pain reduction, healing promotion, and complication limitation." It serves as a reliable place for people to confidently seek examination and treatment, allowing wound patients access to advanced treatment methods.

Bernard Wound Care, focusing on diabetic foot ulcers, also emphasizes professional training. Experts from Bernard Wound Care participate in teaching and presenting at reputable Wound Conferences and Vascular Conferences worldwide. Bernard Wound Care has strategically collaborated with healthcare institutions in the region (Singapore, Taiwan) and plans to expand professional cooperation with specialized wound centers worldwide (Europe, the United States) to enhance service quality and provide the best treatment opportunities for patients - Dr. Tran Doan Dao added.

The book "Wound Care" & Community programs

In the announcement ceremony, the book "Wound Care," edited by Dr. Tran Doan Dao along with collaborators, was introduced. The book is divided into 2 chapters covering various topics related to common wounds, such as fluid wounds, pressure injuries, diabetic foot ulcers, peripheral arterial ulcers, burns, and scars.

The book "Wound Care," edited by Dr. Tran Doan Dao along with collaborators, was introduced
The book "Wound Care," edited by Dr. Tran Doan Dao along with collaborators, was introduced

As a specialized book, compiled and non-commercially printed (not for sale), with the purpose of sharing specialized knowledge in wound care and treatment, the book "Wound Care" has received positive feedback from leading experts and inspired medical students, young doctors, and nurses entering the field of wound care, contributing to the training and development of healthcare personnel in this field in Vietnam.

In addition to book distribution, Bernard Wound Care, along with Dr. Tran Doan Dao and the team of doctors involved in compiling the book, will conduct a series of activities to introduce the book to hospitals and medical schools in Ho Chi Minh City and provinces. Simultaneously, Bernard Wound Care will implement community programs, screening to prevent complications of diabetes-related ulcers, and provide free examinations and treatments for patients with difficult-to-heal wounds facing difficult circumstances.

Source: VNE

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For the first time, ho chi minh city has a specialized unit for treating chronic, non-healing wounds


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